Nature For Us: by Liana  Pareulidze

recycleHumans get lots of things from nature. We get oxygen, water and food from it. We use all kindness from nature, but we do nothing to protect it. What’s more we throw litter. Nowadays the relationship between humans and nature is one of the self interest. In the technical century humans are using nature much more than any other time. We aren’t thinking of what may happen with it, so it happened and we see the results. Nature is punishing us. Humans grab home from animals and plants.

They took a chance of existing. Our responsibility is to protect and appreciate its wealth. If you plant only one tree, it will be kindness for nature. In Georgia at this moment lots of trees are endangered and are in the red book. Plants are the biggest part of live nature; they are growing up, feeding and multiplying like us. On the earth you can’t see place without plants in rain forests or hot deserts,where isn’t enough water. Therefore it is our obligation to save nature. I do agree that without nature we won’t survive.