Protect The Environment: by Rumina Alkhanashvili

Nowadays, global warming is the main problem of the world. What must we do to protect e6947598062ecedfbfdd3d27986eeef6the environment? How is global warming caused? What do we have to do to avoid it?

Our Gorge is surrounded by forests. These forests save us from heat waves in the summer and from the strong winds. Hot summers are pleasant to spend in our Gorge. But lately the forests are getting thinner. The local people are cutting more trees every year, because they don’t have another ways of heating in the houses in winter. Deforestation has become the main problem in our region, as in other parts of Georgia.

What has the government to against this? They are doing nothing. The inhabitants of our Gorge haven’t got gas yet. That’s why we have to cut trees.

Borderlands-Gearbox-1080p-Wallpaper-08.6NEW-New-Haven-Landscape-EnvironmentAnother cause of Global warming maybe smog. In the cities there are clouds of smog produced from the factories. The government has to work hard to produce and use equipment giving off less smoke. A lot of cars are used in our country. It would be useful if, we use bikes instead of cars. It will be healthier and more useful.
So, every member of our society has to do his bit to protect the environment. If everyone does a little perhaps together we can really make a difference.