Why do we learn English? by Mariam Borchashvili

SG100807Some people say that learning English is an awesome idea and I agree with this statement. I am here and going to share my opinion.

Learning English is a perfect  concept for young people in Pankisi. Pankisi is a beautiful valley in Georgia, where live the best people. English is one of the most attractive ways of the successful feature for Kist adults. Because Pankisi is a beautiful gorge, hundreds of tourists are visiting this gorge and English helps teenagers to introduce our traditions.

There is no doubt that many countries are English speaking. If you want to reach a success, you might speak English. In Georgia if you want to go to university, you will pass national exam in foreign language and most students choose English because it is more useful, easy and compatible language.

In conclusion, I think that learning English is a brainchild and I will study it very well and seek success to create and provide my future.