Without: by Markha Natsishvili

Life is consisted with lots of things, details and actions. But it is not only subsistence that we need for living. There are many things and many humans around who are very special and nice for us.

454e81d34a20ccef9050d252a48eccf9The first person for me and I am sure, for most of humans is mother. Without her, I just cannot imagine what would happen. Without her there would not be life on the earth. There would not be light in all humans’ eyes and in short, life would not be worth of living.

Without my family I would not know what to do, how to do and when to do. It would be impossible for me to reach something, to know which way is better and valuable.

Without my friends, life would be uninteresting, there would not be so many enjoyable things to do and every moment would be boring for me.

Un-enseignant-du-lycee-musulman-Averroes-demissionne-l-etablissement-porte-plainte_article_popin-620x395Without my teachers I would not know so much, as I know today. My life would be hopeless and desperate today and would not be unconcerned in the future.

So, without them I would not be a person and a human as I am today. They are the most special people for me, they are paid big attention from my side and it will be so, whilst I am alive and I can think.

P.S. I tried to express my feelings towards these people into a poem:


Without my mum, I can`t live.

Without my mum, I can`t breath.

My mum is a lovely song,

Sung by the nature of wonderful world.

Without my teachers, I can`t fly,

I`m the wing-broken bird without.

Without my friends, I am cold,

I`m a barren field frozen with snow.