I See The Sun in Pankisi: by Nika Tsikhesashvili

6a00d8341cc24a53ef00e54f4eb7e48834-500wiYesterday in the center of Pankisi in the club was a play called I See The Sun.

It was a romantic, tragedy and comedy play.

It was about a girl who was blind and she was only seeing the sun. Her name was Khatia. .In that time Second World War started and boys went to war. The war was between Russia and Germany. There was a boy whose name was Soso and he hasn’t gone to war, because he was kid at that time. When war ended he was 17 years old. His love was Khatia the blind girl. Khatia was in Batumi, she was going to be operated on but sadly a doctor wasn’t in Batumi. She came back to her village and at the and Soso and Khatia hugged.

I liked that play very much. The students played as professional actors. I liked Bejana’s character the most. I got introduced to these students and made friends with them.

I would like to see them again ni Pankisi.