The “Mandates” at our school: by Zhamilya Makalova

13116373_1244658015551941_7495239167093876494_oOne day in our school came the Minister of Education, but not alone, she came with four mandates. These mandates came to our school because our school needed them. There are some students who regularly are playing truant from school and especially boys, but now it will be impossible, because the mandates will control them. The minister made some training, gave some gifts to children, spoke to them and left the school. I spoke with one student whose name is Fariza. “At first, when I heard that the minister is coming, I was interested, who she is? Did13198386_1244647365553006_2055700570524879944_o I know her?” When I saw her I said to myself. “She is beautiful. I liked her.” Then she came to me and talked to me. She asked my name. How am I? Have I got any problems at school?” Could she help? and so on. She was very kind and I also liked her style’’ Fariza said.

I have asked other students about their 13161716_1244644828886593_896019108935189656_oimpressions and all of them liked our minister. They were impressed with her personality, modesty and kindness.