Artists in Pankisi: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

IMG_1635Very good artists arrived in Pankisi fromTbilisi to see our nature, landscapes and paint them. On the first day, they went to the Alazani. They were 15 artists and each of them drew one place in Pankisi. They clearly conveyed everything that time in the environment, but when they nearly finished painting, theIMG_1640 weather completely changed and they were not able to finish. The next day they came back to the club and they had their own exhibition here. I liked their pictures. After this exhibition they explained all the drawing laws and skill. I am not good at drawing, but they were so good professionals, that they made me paint after a lesson. I realized that there is nothing difficult. It needs only to try. They were IMG_1639surprised. They said that Pankisi is a very nice and wonderful gorge and the local nature is a miracle. I liked these artists, their job and their pictures. How I think that in the future I will choose this profession and I hope that my dream will come true.IMG_1646