Childhood: by Markha Kavtarashvili

In my opinion, childhood should be the happiest time in every person’s life. There are many instances in which we feel very happy. There are some parts of our lives in which we say that this is everything that we need and this is the best time of our lives. But if we think about this for a second we will conclude that the happiest time of our life is when we were children. In this period everything is easy, the life is pink and we are so carefree.

When we are children we are light-hearted, we have no problems and everything around is so simple. There is nothing to care about, nothing to try to achieve, we think only about games and entertainments. These are the things that make this part of our lives so beautiful.

When people are children, they don’t care about anything. They want know many things in the world. Children always ask their parents about different things and it is very interesting for them, because it is new and unknown. They are very inquisitive and this makes them so sweet.

My childhood was happy and memorable. I remember almost every event from that time. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time and stay there a little.