Sport for me: Zhamilya Makalova.

downloadMy favorite sport is table tennis. Before, I wasn’t interested in that type of sport. But recently I am crazy about it. It all started when there was a table tennis competition in Pankisi. I took a part in this competition not knowing how to play. At first I was nervous, but when I started to play it, I became interested in that sport. At first I didn’t know the rules, but I learned it while playing. I won the second prize. After that I play it every day. I wont to become a professional table tennis player. Now I am playing quite well. Sometimes I win, sometimes lose. One day I saw a sport program in TV, about table tennis, there were playing professionals, I was excited when I saw their play, after that I realized I need more practice to be professional. Now my aim is to be the number one table tennis player in Pankisi.