An interview with the Judo competition winner from Pankisi: by Nika Tsikhesashvili

In the 20th of August, there was a Judo competition in Akhmeta. The sportsmen from Kakheti region participated in this competition. The boys from Pankisi won the best prizes. The first, the second and on the third place were also two boys from Pankisi. The first prize winner was Ramzan from Pankisi, 17 years old.

I spoke to Hasan, who took the third prize.

Your impressions after competition?

I’m very happy that we (boys from Pankisi) took the best prizes, in Judo. I got a certificate, a bronze medal and a phone as a prize.

Hasan, what are your future plans?

We’re going to train hard, to become professionals. Our future plans are to be Georgia’s and World’s champions. Soon we are going to take a part in the competition in Holland. We’re training hard every day getting ready for this competition.

Good luck! We hope that you will have the first prizes.