Wedding in Pankisi: by Makka Gaurgashvili

In July in Pankisi there was a wedding. It was in Telavi restaurant. There were 400 guests invited, and was very interesting. It started at 5 o’clock and ended at 11 o’clock. The bride was very nice. She was in a wedding dress. She was 21 and the bridegroom was 26. There was very delicious food. There were invited dancers from Pankisi. They danced very well. The bride’s name was Asia 13900874_1042812842482266_1984372434_nGaurgashvili and bridegroom’s name Tarkhan Tsatiashvili. I think that it was an amazing wedding. There were lot of people and no one was bored.  We took a lot of photos. I enjoyed this wedding.