The most popular game in the world: Clash of Clans: by Nika Tsikhesashvili


Clash of Clans (COC) is the most popular game in the world. Millions of people play this game by phones and on computers. I play this game too. It`s a very addictive and interesting game. You have to create a village or kingdom and you have to upgrade your village to the max and you have to defend your village with wizards, archers, mortars and so on. It`s hard to upgrade the village because you have to attack other players and you have to win or you will lose your trophies. So, other players also can attack you. You can also join the clan and take part in clan wars. It`s very funny game and I recommend it to you. If you have an android phone you can download clash of clans on Google Play. If you have an IPhone you can download clash of clans on AppStore. But, if you have a computer you need to download Bluestacks an android emulator and then you can download it on Google Play.wrw