My favorite season Autumn: by

foto-osen-36There are four seasons in a year and all of them are beautiful in their own way.

But my favorite season is Autumn. Especially, I like September.

In September summer yields the way to autumn. The days become shorter and the nights become longer. The sun rays aren’t so bright and warm. Early autumn is the period of flaming colors, when the landscape is gold and brown.

It is a season when the trees are fantastic yellow, red, green, and brown. The trees are losing their leaves. In this season the nature slowly falls asleep for winter. People always say that the autumn is a season of poets and painters. Sometimes I want to take paper, paints and draw everything. But how? And how to pass this sense? I don’t know.foto-osen-38

Another thing in autumn is that it is time to go to school.
Little girls and boys in snow-white shirts with white bows and ties, with fresh
smelling flowers, for the first time go to school. It is just an unforgettable feeling. Another good thing in autumn, why it’s special for me is that, I have birthday in September. When I was 12 I wrote a poem about autumn. It is in Russian but I want to share it with you.

It is called “Autumn Evening’’

Осенний ветер, я слышу голос твой                            Зовеш ли меня? ты подскожи

И в этот вечер осенний порой.                                    Скожи мне, как тебя нойти?

Кружятся, листя надомной                                              Скожи мне, как тебя понять?

Закат и восток передомной.                                            Смотрю на тебя, но где же ты?

Хотя, я не знаю что выберать                                                   Прозрачен ты, не видим ты,

Осень подскажет мне  правильный путь                              И не уловим ты. И не понять те

По этой дорожке хочу я идти                                                   Хотя бы, листьями ты подск

Но ветер прозрачный ты погоди.                                            Куда свой путь, держиш ты.