Why I learn English: by Makka Gaurgashvili

English language is one of the most important languages in the modern world. More than one billion people speak or understand this language. English is one of the five official languages in United Nation Organization.

English is the language of great English literature. But the English language is also the language of science and most scientists know this language. English is the international language of business people, pilots, air traffic controllers, sportsmen, scientist, and students. As an air control officer, you have to learn English, the language of international communication.

Every year, thousands of people go to different countries as tourists or for work. They can’t do this without knowing the language of the country they are going to.

Some people learn English because they need it for work. Others to travel abroad and for lots of people learning English is just a hobby. That’s why I learn English. I want to be successful in my job, travel around the world and communicate with the people all over the world.