Are clothes important? by Iman Sviakauri

Have you ever judged people with their options? Or have you ever had thoughts that 565656people can evaluate others with their appearance?

4w54Clothes. What association does this word have in people’s minds? First of all, everyone knows that clothes are really important. It’s something like food and water. The first reason why we wear them is to cover our bodies, and it’s the most important comparing with the other needs. Nowadays we have clothes of any kind and style. Secondly, every person at least has four or five pairs of clothes and this means that clothes’ number is for and five times bigger than humans number in the world. People are so keen on the clothes and they love them so strongly that they are making clothes for pets. And nowadays it’s no wonder to see cats or dogs with clothes on in the streets or other places.

In conclusion, clothes are really important for everyone. For most of people clothes are
also one of the ways to love themselves