Preparing for exams: by Mariam Bagakashvili

In Georgian schools, there are 12 grades. During 11th and 12th grades children have to pass exams to get their school-certificate. They have to pass four exams in the 11th and four in the 12th grade.

As I’m in the 11th grade, I also have to pass four exams this year: biology, physics, chemistry and geography. We will have these exams in June so we have already started preparing for them. We read lots of books, go to class out courses and work very hard. These all is very difficult for us because we don’t have enough time for relaxing and joining with our friends, because our schedule is too busy. More, when we go home, it’s already dark and it happens every day, so we are very tired. We want to relax, but we understand that if we want to achieve something we need to work hard and get over our difficulties, so we try to do our best.