Crime: by Zhamilya Makalova

151001165651-criminal-cyberspace-custom-gs-780x439What is a crime? A crime is: piracy, vandalism, robbery, burglary and so on. Crime is everywhere and it is the biggest problem all over the world. And the criminal’s main enemy is the police and detectives, especially detectives. So why detectives? Because the detectives are always looking into the crime.

The day before yesterday in our English book I read that the first detective was Allan Pinkerton. He was born in Scotland in 1819 but he went to live in America in 1842. One day when he was walking by a river, he came across to a small island. He saw that people were living there and he worked out that they were a gang of criminals.

The police caught all the criminals, with his help and after that he started to work with police. Also in 1861, Allan Pinkerton saved Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Today I heard that in Makhachkala, criminals started to rob the children. They are killing them and selling their organs. This is awful. How could people do things like this?

One example from my life: Well, I went out with my friend to the local mosque to help in cleaning. There were a lot of children. My friend put her telephone on the desk. But when we finished cleaning and decided to go home, we couldn’t find the telephone. It was lost. Someone has stolen it. Afterwards police found the thief and gave us the phone.