My mother: by Makka Gaurgashvili

The love that a mother gives to her children is a real miracle. I’m deeply convinced that not only for adults, it is vital to know that there is a friend who is always read to give help for me. This friend is my mother. This amazing woman is the one I go to with all my problems and failures. I can easily share my innermost feeling with her and I know for sure that she will never hurt my feelings or betray me.

She knows what to do, to make her children smile and ever laugh when they cry. The saying ‘like mother like daughter’ is completely about us. We both have the same sense of humor and many common interests. But she still hasn’t got used to my new hobby, music, that is my new passion. Speaking about appearance, my mom is very attractive. She has long dark hair, big brown eyes and an amazing smile. She is very groomed and doesn’t look her age. That is why people often mistake us as sisters. They say I look like my mother, and it is definitely a compliment for me.

To draw to a conclusion, I would like to note that I love my mother and I’m extremely grateful to her. Not because she is bringing me into this wonderful world, but because she has always taught me how to be an honest, reliable and kind person. She thinks to notice other people’s feelings that there is nothing impossible for me in this life and I can achieve all my goals. She is always ready to give advice or share my success. Everyday her love inspires me and I think our mothers deserve much more than we can ever give them.