The training: by Maka Margoshvili

On Monday, we had training about journalism. It lasted about 4 hours. During the training we learnt how to take interviews and what skills have journalists to know.

We learnt several rules that journalists must obey. What are my impressions about this training? I’m very glad that I had this training. My knowledge about journalism increased. And this training helped me to improve my knowledge.

14608808_641166019376251_2374010820731683798_oThe teacher gave us very useful information, especially for the students who are going to become journalists. She told us how to become a good journalist. And she also gave us advices. I liked one of her pieces of advice the most.

When you are a beginner and you are taking an interview, you must look into respondent’s eyes to make contact.  After training we had lunch together.

It was very useful and productive day.