Family in my life: by Malika Margoshvili

images (1)In the world, one of the most important things for every person is a family, which is very special and the most important. In the world there are millions of big or small poor or rich families. Some people have lots of children and are very poor. Rich people don’t have more than three children.

Now I want to talk about my family and what part it takes in my life. I have a big family. I have three sisters and one brother, a mother a father and an aunt. I also have a niece and nephews who are all very dear for me and I can’t imagine life without them.

In my family, I love my dad the most after mother. I think that people who have their families are very lucky. But not everyone has a family.

In the world there are children who are left by their mothers and fathers and are growing up in the orphanage. Also there are children whose parents are divorced and live with step parents. This is very bad and I think they are very unlucky because they don’t have a perfect family. And I wish every child in the world to have their own family and grow in the warmth and love of their parents.