What part of nature I want to be and why. by Iman Sviakaury.

Nature and all its parts from the smallest to the biggest all are ours and we also are the parts of nature. Without it we can’t live. Maybe some people don’t think like me and they don’t mindDuisi morning this. But I have already said that nature is very important for everyone. It is so important that without it the life isn’t of full value. What will be life without sun, rain, wind and water. I love every part of nature. I love birds, because they can fly. They can see that what we can’t and feel the beauty of nature that we cannot. I love the wind that blows everywhere. It can see everything and everyone, it can just blow and blow. I love the sun because it can just light the world. It can see and hear every one. I love fishes, because they can swim and see the invisible world.

I want to be a part of nature, to be the wind, a fish, the sun and a bird. To feel and see everything, to be sinless, guiltless, happy and to be free, far from the everyday busy life and to feel the world as it is.