Money and relations: by Iman Sviakauri

Money. What is money? Easy to say it’s just paper, but easier to say it is paper that governs the world. It had been changing the world and the majority of the society.

anoBut what is a relationship? It is a contact with other people a contact between people.

A relationship has many categories. Some of them can be strong but some not so.

Money and relationships. What similarities do they have? No similarities, but have some kind of connection. So, what can it be? Money and relationship, things that are dependent on each other. But from one side, money isn’t the thing that is depended on relations, but relations are really dependent on money, because if you have money you are more respected by people.

So, if you have more and more money, then you have more and more contacts. Nowadays without money you are just nothing, no one wants you, no one wants to have relations with you, because you couldn’t bring them benefit.