My favorite hobby: by Iman Gaurgashvili

People always think about what they like and what they don’t. But there are things that we like to do and take pleasure from doing them. We call them hobbies.

IMG_1633For example, my hobby is painting. I like when I look for the famous painters’ arts. They have many meanings and mostly it is very hard to know all about the secrets of them. I think that in every painters’ pictures they had put very big emotions, because without emotions none of the painters can paint good pictures. It may be connected with their good memories and also with bad ones. But, it is the way we take some relaxation from this to empty from our flood of emotions. That’s why I like painting.

May be I can’t do it well, but I suppose, in future, I’ll paint more beautiful pictures than today. It’s no problem if you can’t do it well, because you paint for yourself to take pleasure. Our hobbies help us in our future aims. It doesn’t matter who likes them and who doesn’t. It’s important that you like it and it will help you in your life to solve the problems.

Finally, I want to say that every person has to have some hobby to have a more diverse life.