What is the progress? Iman Sviakauri.

Progress. What is this? Is this from people or from God? It is the thing that takes us to a better life. The progress is a closed door. But what kind of key do we need to open it? What was the reason that took people from the cave to the skyscrapers? Is it instinct?

But if instinct makes people successful there arises a question. Why there are unsuccessful people?

The answer is simple, instinct makes us better, but some people don’t know how to use it, so they don’t become successful.

Why are people every day making something from nothing. This is the thing that motives us to reach the top of the success, to progress.

Our dreams, motivations and likes all come from our instinct.

Making decisions and trying with all our abilities is the best way to reach this. This is the key of the success in progress.