Smile: Mariam Margoshvili and Makka Khangoshvili

happiness-12-17-12A smile is the music of life. A smile creates happiness in the families, friends and everywhere. In my opinion a smile is a gift that everyone should donate. We have always smiled at each other, despite the daily problems. We must smile to each other. People with various problems haven’t power to smile. If they can’t, you give them a smile. A smile is a pleasant thing. Smiling is the expression of happiness, joy and understanding. Smiling people always wear a positive mood. There are two kinds of smile: true (heartfelt) and false smile. A real smile we gift to those people we love, but a false smile is for politeness. everyone needs smiles. Smile to each other and be happy.

Smile. It is one of the best thing you can do with your lips.

Always smile with your beautiful lips.