My school: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

We know that for all the children their school is special. For me also my school is special and the best, because I have many memories and all of them are about my class and classmates.

duisi At primary classes we were a bit lazy. We didn’t want to do lessons. Sometimes we played truant and our teachers were angry. Now we are in 10th grade, we are bigger but we didn’t forget all this, we are also doing that. We have got very good and professional teachers. They are very nice and friendly. This is the second reason why is my school special for me.

The third reason is education. We know that education is the most important thing in our life and our school is very good in this case. We have got very intelligent students. They pass their exams. Especially they have good points in English.

Our students are very good in foreign languages. So my school is the best.