Smile: by Malika Margoshvili

happiness-12-17-12A smile is the best thing in the world. It is a powerful weapon. You can even break ice with it. Life is beautiful. There is so much to smile about. For example, the first reason why we have to smile is we are alive, we aren’t hungry , we have houses to live in. Your life is one drop in a sea we cant predict our future every thing around you, decides God we have to be thanks to God who gave us everything it is good or bad.

We have to be smile that the world is beautiful. A little smile makes the world a beautiful place. A smile is the way to solve many problems. I want to say. “Everyone smile,” because when the sun goes down at the sunset. It will take a part of your life with it. We look back but it too late. So you don’t worry too much. Just smile and be happy.