Not Having Good Grades: by Makka Khangoshvili and Mariam Margoshvili

Girl reading. jpeg. We have 365 days in a year to study, but nowadays teenagers can’t use this time well to learn and study. In the world, teenagers’ biggest problem is learning. Almost 75% of teenagers don’t study. They spend more time on entertainment. They go to the cinemas, concerts, play computer games, watch TV and so on. Therefore, most of the students can’t get good points in the Olympiads and most of students fail on the national exams. Today’s, teenagers have more opportunity of learning. We have got internet libraries where there is all kind of books and information you want, which wasn’t there before. But teenagers don’t use this chance and don’t study hard. In this regard, we have talked to Duisi public school students. We have asked them how long it takes for them to prepare their lessons.

“About 1 hour.” says Leila. “Studying hard isn’t for me. I prefer enjoying with other activities, meeting with friends”

Approximately 60% of the teenagers think like this. It is shown in their results. They can Person_reading_a_bookhardly pass their exams.

“I study 5 hours a day. It is quite enough for me to get good points the next day. I have to work to be successful in my life.” Says Iman Sviakauri.

Only 10% feel like this and only 30% work 2 hours a day.