Judging by appearance: by  Mariam Bagakashvili

Since the old ages, appearance takes a big role in our life, because in the society people are respected by their appearances.

0b409e8cb5b5bae29534f14a77c6bb75If you wear expensive clothes, people think that you are rich and try to make a friend with you, but if you don’t, you are no one in their eyes. And it has lasted for ages and centuries.

In my opinion it isn’t true, because we all are equal and we all have our rights to do and wear what we want. It doesn’t matter if you are you rich or poor. And the people who judge by appearance are arrogant and selfish.

All people have their feelings, wishes and hopes. It’s painful for them if someone talks about them by appearance and they feel themselves not respected in the society because e8301f1fc7e110f295209f09be1c89c1of their poverty.

So we have to try to be more intelligent and sympathetic with each other’s personality and good qualities.