Wrapped in flames: by Adam Gumashvili

image753Are you one of those people who has been in the middle of fire? In such a moment you are shocked and you can’t control yourself, as it should be. Imagine yourself in the middle of flame. What would you do? But I don’t need to imagine this, because our bathroom caught to fire.

In the first place my dad asked to my brother to make an ignition. When my brother was igniting the fire , fire leaked on bottle of fuel. My brother shouted “Dad come here, it is fire”. We got there quickly and our neighbors heard our screams and helped us or we probably would have burned. Finally, we were able to extinguish the fire, but our bathroom and its surrounding room was burned.

So, at that moment I was scared and I was thinking about what would happen if the fire spread. The most important thing is that fire did not hit anyone.