Catch two rabbits with one shot. by Zhamilya Makalova

I was always interested in TV channel Rustavi 2. I was interested how are the
journalists working there, in which situation they are working. In other words in thisadvice I have got lots of questions. So one day my teacher Eka said to me that our director has chosen 10 active children who are always writing topics in our website Pankisi Times, and we were going on an excursion to Rustavi 2. Then she added that she has chosen me too. I was very happy hearing news like this, but when she said that we are going there on 15094383_1485462561482952_1690217739539142392_nSaturday, the expression of my face instantly changed. Because my photo teacher told us that on Saturday we have an exhibition of our photos. So I didn’t know what to do. It was important for me to go there too. Then I was told that the exhibition was at five o’clock in the evening and I decided to go to Rustavi 2, and then go to the exhibition. So I solved the problem. It is said that “You can’t catch two rabbits with one shot’’ but I did. We watched how the participants of “Nichieri’’ (talent show) were practicing, and of course we took lots of photos. Then I went to my friend’s and15055838_1485462491482959_807677646096927914_nmy exhibition, where I met lots of famous photographers and spent a really good time.