Money: by Esiat Gaurgashvili

151001165651-criminal-cyberspace-custom-gs-780x439Money. This is just a paper that can rule the world. Many people think that without money life is impossible, but I don’t think the same. It’s right that money is necessary for everything, but for happiness it’s not necessary. There are many people who are doing everything for money, making many criminal things.

Today I asked children what do they think about money.

8 years old Maia told me that with money you can have everything, toys, games and enjoyyourself. But 16 years old Marina doesn’t agree with her. She said that the most important preschool-educator-teaching-young-children-475x258thing in life is your family, your relatives and your friends and the other things are secondary. But 18 years old Merabi doesn’t agree with this. “Money is everything; with money you can solve all the problems. If you have money you will be always happy, you can have everything what you want and you will have lots of friends.” He says.

Opinions differ on that. The percentage of the people who think that money is the most important is more than the people who think it isn’t.

But it’s very important to find right ways of earning money, as the relationships are more important in this life.