My Foreign Friends: by Nika Tsikhesashvili


img_20161104_172309748On the 3th of November tourists came from Germany. They were 23 and 24 years old. They were Max and Tim. They were staying at Nazy’s Guest House. Nazy called and asked me to be an interpreter. I agreed and went to Nazy’s Guest House. I took them to my house. They really liked my mother. After that I took them to Roddy Scott Education School. They liked my classmates. They said that my English is very good and I told them that my English is good because of my English teacher. After that we went to 9th May Hill which is in Duisi. We took Photos and selfies. On the second day we went to Writer’s House in Duisi, Khaso Khangoshvili (director). He is a writer and he has written 4 books and now he is working on the 5th one. We took interview from him about his works.

The next day we went to Omalo. We looked around that village and visited my aunt there. They liked this village very much. We visited the old church left in Omalo.

On the 4th day we visited the local church in Duisi. They have talked with the Imam of this mosque and asked some questions. The Imam was very glad to meet with them and answered their questions.

All this time, I was an interpreter. It was my first experience as interpreter. And I have earned some money doing this job and the most interesting part of this that I made friends with them. I’ve asked them to visit me if they come in Georgia. They have also invited me in Germany.

And again, I understood the importance of English language.