Social Help: by Eliza Tokhosashvili and Maka Margoshvili

xnarcoticsusefactsnodup-jpg-pagespeed-ic-7n3begjf7vNowadays in our gorge, there are a lot of economical problems. There are no jobs, and young people can’t work anywhere. Everything is very expensive and people’s budget is very poor. The biggest problems in Pankisi are jobs. Sometimes there are some jobs such as: in bakery, in washing cars, shop assistant, But the wages are very low, It’s not enough for them. Many people don’t have even these small jobs, in some cases they haven’t got health to work there.

jobFor these people, government has to help and give them Social Help. Money paid monthly. It’s the only income for them. We heard that the government is planning to reduce or stop this social help for some families and if it is true it will be very big problem for locals.

We decided to discuss this problem with locals. First, we visited a family in Duisi. They have 4 children and one of them is disabled. The family conditions are not good. The father is ill and can’t work himself. The only income was social help.  “Now they’ve stopped that help and it’s the fourth month we don’t have it. The reason for this was that my husband had work in the local shop for a month.” Said Lali, his wife.

It’s very hard to support a family without income. These cases are common. The Social how-to-make-moneyHelp isn’t given to the people who have got good furniture or a good fridge. Of course they are unemployed, have no income. ‘’I received a social help (money paid monthly) but they have stopped it now. The reason was I think that I have bought a washing machine. I have been collecting money for this during two years. I don’t know how to support my family without any income. And there are no jobs to do.” says Asmat Kavtarashvili from Duisi.

Why the government works like this? We don’t know. We know that life is very difficult and the government has to look after unemployed people.