Style: by Markha Margoshvili

Style. In my words in the 21st century, style is something that takes a very big place in people’s free time. I think that nowadays teenagers pay very big attention to it and it is the most valuable thing for them.

I often hear from old people the same sentences. “Today teenagers have changed style. There was another style in our childhood.”

14317385_624108214415365_7646912412800727880_nI asked some of my friends about their favorite style and the answers were different. One part of the boys like sport clothes with sport shoes and the second part like classic clothes. Girls like trousers, sport shoes and jacket, as it’s boys style. Others like short dresses and T-shirts. But the majority of my friends like long dresses and shawls as it’s in Islam.

What about me? I like all of these styles. Trousers, short dresses, T-shirts and shawls.

Teenagers like very modern styles. Colorful hair, jeans, tattered trousers and so on. So, there is a big choice.