RSF building with new roof: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

It’s the fourth year I’m studying in RSF. With this fund more than 150 students have a great opportunity to study English.

15676211_675939879232198_2337621428624406707_o-1The RSF staff and the people who supports the fund are doing their best so that studying was comfortable for us.

But the RSF building roof was damaged and in rainy or snowy weather the water came into classes.

It has damaged the ceiling in the classes. The Estonian Embassy_DSC7476 promised to help with this problem and they’ve fulfilled their promise. They have financed our new roof.

These days the RSF roof is being repaired. All of the students are very happy.  So, we’ll start our classes after New Year holidays without water coming through the roof.

We want to thank the Estonian Embassy for their support. You are our best friends.

Thank you again.