Electricity: by Ramzan Margoshvili

All electricity poles in Pankisi are very old and they need to be renovated. If it rains, snows or there is wind, electricity in Pankisi is cut off. It happens quite often. Without light, the life stops. Electricity is needed everywhere.

 In school without light we freeze, as the heating is on electricity. In shops, without electricity, fridges don’t work and food goes off.

 It was time for the government to repair or renovate the electricity poles  It is 21st Century. It is the most important problem to solve.

 In Khadori Gorge, above the Pankisi Valley, there is hydro electric station working, but Pankisi people still have light problems. Building that station they promised us that it would free for Pankisi, but as well as the problems again and again, we still must pay.