Time is Money: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

People do not have a chance to do the thing they want. We are trying to do the thing we want but we don’t know the value of time.

I think that in the world the most important thing is time and to know how to use it. We know that time needs to be used correctly. We have to do everything to use time usefully.

Time is money and is the biggest treasure in the world, I think that it’s more valuable than money. The first and the most important thing of using time correctly is getting education.

Education is important.. If you fail, you can see the good side of this. We study our mistakes but don’t give up, work hard. If you work hard you will achieve everything

That’s true that the life sometimes hits us on the head but it’s to waken us. Never forget that the life is very short and we have to achieve our goals and the best way is to know to use the time correctly and not waste it, as we can’t get the minutes back, which have already passed.