21st century: by Esiat Gaurgashvili

Time moves on and everything is changing. Now it’s the 21st century, but many are following to old traditions. Everything is changing. There are many technologies and life is going to be easy. It has also bad sides. For example, young people don’t respect old people. In the past when an older person was coming, everyone stood up. But now, there are few people who follow (you could used the phrases: adhere to, stick to) this tradition. Now, people wear only expensive clothes. They follow fashion. In past there weren’t ways to earn money and many people didn’t have food to eat but now the government is helping people and give them money.

Today, I asked people about their opinions about life. An old woman, Asmati, told me that life is becoming easier. There are many technologies and people have more free time to relax. 18 years old Mariami said that there is everything that you want and people aren’t as poor as they were before. Now people have opportunities to buy clothes and food.

The opinions are the same and people think that the world is developing.