Selfies in the 21st Century: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

In the 21st century, selfies become very popular. Selfies started with children and finished with old people. If you look around, you see people who are taking selfies. Nowadays we have many selfie cameras.

In all break times my classmates are taking selfies. Not only my classmates but all students and especially girls. Selfies are very nice but in some cases, they aren’t safe because there are people who love adrenalin and they are always trying to produce more and more adrenalin. For this they are trying to take selfies in the most different places on high tops, in caves and a lot of dangerous places.

It’s dangerous because in the moment when you are taking a selfie you don’t take care of yourself and maybe you will be hurt. For example: last year a daughter of an actress Shorena Begashvili fell down from a fifth floor when she was taking a selfie with her friends.

She was injured and was disabled. They took her to Turkey and she was there for a very long time. Fortunately, now she is ok and she is starting to walk. That’s why I think that selfies are not very good and that’s why I don’t like selfies and I never take them on a high building or other dangerous places. But taking selfies with your friends on the ground is ok.

So, I think that the selfie is one of the popular things of the 21st century.