The most common drugs in our life: by Laina Pareulidze

Are you someone who is addicted to coffee or cigarettes? Then maybe this article is for you.  Many people think that the mostly drugs include substances like marijuana and heroin, but that’s not true. So let’s talk about others.

In the first place, there is coffee. In the morning, what can be better than a cup of coffee, but what we can do if we want coffee again and again until the day. Lots of people like this addictive drug and they can’t realize that it has become an important part of their life. Isn’t that more harmful than heroin?

In the second place we mostly come across cigarettes. Many people first smoke when they are nervous or are looking for different feelings. Soon they want it again and again, people should think about their health than thinking about being a cool person. That’s just stupid action.

If you ask me all people have his or her own drug, for me it is tea. I hope you liked this subject from my view.