It is important for teenagers to do part-time jobs: by Iman Gumashvili

As well as earning some money for teenagers, any job will teach them some new skills. It could also help them to get a job in the future, as it will show commitment and could provide references. They learn more about the value of money.

On the one hand, part-time jobs for teenagers are good, because they earn their pocket money and teenagers get experience the jobs. By working to earn money yourself, you can learn a lot about the value of things as well as the business world.

On the other hand, part-time jobs for teenagers are bad, because young teenagers work hard jobs and have problems with health. Finding a job is hard to begin with when you haven’t had any experience in a work place. For many teenagers, there are a variety of problems associated with getting a job. They may not be old enough.

I personally, believe that part-time jobs are a good idea. The most important steps in going to get your first job. Working for yourself on a part-time basis may be the best way to go. So I think it is a good idea for teenagers.