My school event on the 8th March: by Maka Kushanashvili

On the 8th March Jokolo Public School annually celebrated Women’s Day. We held an event in which all students participated and revealed their talent, so I would like to tell you about how my school celebrated International Women’s Day.

First of all, all children prepared two weeks before, rehearsing how to appear in front of the teachers and their classmates. They performed songs, dances and told poems about women. Older classes competed against each other. That’s why every class tried to do their best to win.

Secondly, older four classes competed on whose table presented the best delicious meals. At the end of the day we gave nominations to 12th grade students, whose table was the nicest and included the most handsome and cleverest students.

To sum up, everybody’s celebration is different from each other, but ours was like this. It was quite a memorable day for me. I was entertained and enjoyed myself.