Why we must celebrate Women’s Day: by Iman Gumashvi

Nowadays, a lot of women celebrate 8th March. It is the day when women feel that she is special, so I am going talk about Women’s Day.

First of all, they must celebrate the Women’s Day because it is the day when men appreciate women by presenting perfume and beautiful flowers. Children give cards and presents to their mothers. It makes them feel happy and think that the life becomes more beautiful for mums when they see and feel warmth and respect from their children.

Secondly, on the Women’s Day children realize how important and valuable are their mothers and sisters. It is the day when men try to make their dreams come true.

I personally believe that the Women’s Day is very important. And we must celebrate this day in favor of making our close women feel valuable and precious.

I also congratulated my mum Women’s Day and wished her all the best.




  1. A very heartfelt story from you.

Here are your corrections.

Women’s Day Is capitalized because it is an official event.

The other two corrections are minor but important. They are prepositions. Here is a link to red up about where and why we use them in English.



Also, Women’s Day is far more important than one day in the year where we give our women flowers. It is a day where we must think about equal rights for women in the world, equal pay, and to deal with domestic violence against women in the world. After all. Why cannot we appreciate women 365 days per year and not only one.


Good story but research more bout the rights of womewn and the fight to gain equality.

Here is a really cool story about the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon. Share it with your friends.



All the best.