Women International Day: by Maka Kushanashvili

In this age, there are many celebrations that are not celebrated by people because people think that Women’s International Day has no substantial meaning. However I disagree with this opinion for some reasons, so I would like to share you my comprehension.

First of all. All important days are celebrated as international day because it is connected to some considerable facts and or essential events. For instance, Woman’s Day on the 8th March was scheduled by Clara Zetkin, because woman is associated with spring, it is thought that spring is changeable like woman, we all know that weather in spring is sometimes rainy, sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny.

Secondly, people’s relations changed, they have an indifferent relation with each other or do not trust themselves. A woman is delicate creature, so it is not difficult to celebrate them with some presents or tell nice words. It is some kind of celebrating form of woman’s day.

To sum up, every international day is vital. For example Women’s International Day informs us to be more attentive and tolerant with women.