Problems. Problems. by Zhamilya Makalova

Today, youth has a lot of difficult problems to solve. The first problem is education. Today, when education isn’t free, parents have to pay money if they want their children get a higher education. There are many children who study well but can’t afford studying at university.

Young people would work hard to earn money if they had jobs. But it’s difficult for them to find a job. They can’t earn their own money. That’s why some of them become robbers, thieves, and murderers.

Teenagers want to work as a waiter, barmen, etc. 

The biggest problem for youth is alcohol, drugs and smoking. A person taking drugs or drinking alcohol loses his will. He brings problems to the members of his family. The majority of young people are surfing the internet all day long and doing nothing. It’s because of unemployment. Youth has no jobs to do. It’s the biggest problem of our country. It needs to be solved.