Foreign languages: by Iman and Esiat Gaurgashvili

Nowadays, there are many chances to study foreign languages. For example: We have many online lessons, which help us without going out and paying money. The government gives chances for adults and teenagers to get an education.

The most spoken language is English. It is an international language and is spoken around the world. For example, in Pankisi there is a Fund, RSF, which gives children chances to learn English for free. If you know English, you can find a job easily.

I asked some people about their opinions about foreign languages. 35 year old Bella told me that speaking at least one foreign language is necessary today, especially English. “My daughter is learning English and I am very glad that she will speak it fluently soon”.

A 45 years old Maia from Duisi agreed with her and said that knowing this language is very useful. “If you live in a village you can work at school as a teacher and have your own income and if you live in a city, you have choice of good jobs, where you will have priority with your good English”.

The opinions are the same and I think that people shouldn’t lose these chances. Otherwise they will regret it in the future.

Today, Pankisi children have this chance of studying English that RSF gives them. But people over 18 have also great desire to learn English too.

It will be good if there were courses for them too.