University registration has started: by Iman Gaurgashvili

The registration for national exams has started. The deadline is 31st of March.

The students have to show in registration which universities and faculties they would like to go to. They can choose various universities and faculties. Before online registration they have to pay 10 GEL for each exam. 4 exams are important. A student can pass more than 4 exams in addition if he or she wants to have more chances.

Students in Pankisi are getting ready for these exams. But before it they have to pass four exams at school (school certificate exams). The majority of students have chosen their future professions.

I made a survey in Duisi Public School 12th grade students, of which professions they have chosen.

“I would like to study foreign languages, especially English.” said Nata Margoshvili. It’s because RSF made me love this language. 8 students in this class say the same. Two want to study international affairs, and 5 students would like to be lawyers.

“I would like to study business and management”, says Alikhan. Two other students like this profession too.

20 per cent of the students would like to be journalist or doctors.

So, there is a great choice of jobs. Students are working hard. They are motivated more with the reason that the best 14 students from the gorge will be supported by government, as Pankisi Valley is in the registered mountain region. We wish good luck in their exams.