People’s Daily Life and Employment: by  Laina Pareulidze

There are two types of people living in Pankisi.Valley. The first is employed and second is unemployed. I am going to talk about unemployed people who get income and daily living from different things like vegetable garden fruit and other sources.

Nowadays lots of young people get a good education, but only half become qualified and get a good job. The others stay on the same position. Of these qualified teenagers half go abroad to achieve more success, they get enough income and have a desire work.

Secondly there are peoples who are unemployed and get income from different things like selling fruit and vegetables, collecting chestnuts, although this isn’t enough and sometimes they need more money for daily life.

To conclude, small businesses aren’t enough, and this income is not enough, but people who have much more money can help educated unemployed people to get a job and better work.