Pankisi has changed, but needs more maintenance: by Fariza Dadaeva

The last years a lot of things were done in Pankisi Valley. A new hospital is being built, the government building is renovated, Pankisi gasification is finished. The roads, pavements and drain channel are made. Some cafes, restaurants, a tea-house and shops are opened.

But there is one problem. In front of the RSF building there is a pond. It has been there a long time there. The pond is from the drinking water tap, which is damaged. Every year it is repaired, but it becomes out of control and no one is solving this problem. RSF students have to go through the pond and sometimes they get their feet wet and dirty. In summer, sometimes ducks are swimming in it and making noise. It is a real discomfort. The police station and a local government building are near.

Whoever has to solve this problem, please pay attention to it!